USIS adopts LED troffers to enable load shedding for energy rebates

Oct. 23, 2013
Low-wattage LED SSL troffers create less demand on generators used for load shedding and generate higher-quality lighting in the USIS Pearl River, New York facility.

MaxLite has announced that United States Information Systems (USIS) has installed LED troffers in its Pearl River, New York headquarters, replacing existing linear fluorescent fixtures. The information technology services and installation company is part of the New York State load shed program, and lower-power LED fixtures enable the company to more easily participate in the program.

Load shedding or rolling blackouts are intentionally used to reduce energy usage in high-use periods such as on hot days in mid-summer. Programs such as the one in New York offer rebates or other incentives to companies that are willing to participate and have their energy supply temporarily cut.

USIS relies on its own generators when it participates in a rolling blackout. But more efficient lighting can reduce the generator capacity required and/or reduce the amount of fuel used during a blackout.

USUS retrofitted 45 2×4-ft fluorescent fixtures, each of which used four 40W T8 tubes, in a one-for-one swap with 55W ECO-T recessed troffers. The selection was driven by cost and quality.

"We selected the LED fixtures because of price, but we were more impressed with their light output and brightness," said USIS electrician Gary Fandl. "We sampled other fixtures that cost more than $100 [more] than the ECO-Ts, but they did not perform as well. Down the road, I think we will retrofit our whole office space with LED lighting."

USIS will realize savings of 236,343 kWh of energy over the projected 50,000-hour lifetime of the new fixtures. Moreover, energy and maintenance cost savings will total $37,530. Meanwhile, Fandl reports that employees much prefer the new flicker-free lighting.