Lutron releases LED fixture especially for video conference applications

June 20, 2013
This indirect wash fixture will improve energy efficiency and even the viewing of video meetings using unique reflector and illumination designs.
Lutron Electronics has introduced an LED version of its video conference indirect wash fixture that will improve energy efficiency and viewing during meetings organized with video, including distance-learning applications. The fixture provides a combination of horizontal and asymmetrical vertical illumination and a distinctive reflector design with even, glare-free light distribution for the best possible video conference lighting and for presenters in a distant learning environment.
Lutron indirect wash fixture for video conferencing. The product is also handy in spaces where indirect, balanced lighting is desired, but ceiling heights are too low for suspended luminaries.

The video conference indirect wash LED fixture comes with an integrated LED assembly and includes a Lutron Hi-Lume A-series LED dimming driver, for adjusting light levels to the most favorable image quality.

The fixture has a universal input voltage of 120/277 V and has several models, including one for installation in standard 2 x 2 ft or 1 x 2 ft T-bar grid ceilings and drywall ceilings. There are also surface-mount applications and a diagonal mount for T-bar grid ceilings. An emergency driver option is available.

With a base list price of $1160, this Lutron fixture will be available in late June.