MaxLite introduces new optics, options, and accessories for T8 and T5 linear fluorescent high bay lighting fixtures

Jan. 30, 2013
Linear fluorescent T8 and T5 high-bay lighting fixtures, designed as energy-efficient replacements for older fluorescent fixtures and HID lighting, now offers controls and better optical efficiency.

MaxLite, a manufacturer of lighting products, has introduced upgrades for its T8 and T5 line of linear-fluorescent high-bay lighting fixtures that are designed to increase energy efficiency. These upgrades range from intelligent controls to new optics that maximize optical efficiency.

The upgraded fixtures offer many new options, such as occupancy motion sensors for a reduction in energy usage and highly-polished reflectors that offer 87% reflectance standard and 95% optional. Other accessories include lenses, door frames, and wire guards.

Other upgrades expand the applications in which the luminaires can be deployed. For example in mission critical applications suchas medical facilities, an emergency battery backup option allows for 90 minutes of operation when power is not available. Moreover, Maxlite offers 347V and 480V step down transformers for installation in a wider range of settings than are supported by the standard 120V to 277V input.

“This expansion of our popular T5 and T8 linear fluorescent High Bay products signifies our continued commitment to energy saving solutions across multiple technologies and applications,” said Vice President of Product Marketing and Engineering Pat Treadway.

MaxLite's T5 and T8 fixtures come in four- and six-lamp configurations and feature a high-ballast-factor universal ballast. The fixtures include slots for mounting with V-hooks, and feature knockouts for attaching the optional motion sensors. The fixtures are made from a 22-guage galvanized steel housing, and are painted with white baked-on enamel to increase their life span.

Data sheets for the T5 and T8 linear fluorescent high bay fixtures are available on MaxLite’s website here.