Wireless control developer Adura Technologies acquired by Acuity Brands

Jan. 18, 2013
Acuity Brands, a manufacturer of lighting and control products, has acquired the assets of Adura Technologies, a developer of energy management products and wireless controls.

Acuity Brands has acquired the assets of Adura Technologies in order to expand its wireless control offerings. The acquisition is not expected to materially impact Acuity brands’ fiscal 2013 consolidated financial performance.

Adura, which was founded in 2005, develops radio frequency (RF) mesh networking technology that enables light fixtures to communicate in with sensors, switches, and system management software. The company’s ZigBee wireless standard-based technology enables energy-saving controls and removes the cost of wires for networking purposes. Adura has an IP portfolio that includes three patents on software and controls, and is developing four families of provisional patents and patent applications on the controller and software.

“The addition of these Adura Technologies solutions continues the expansion of the breadth and depth of our wireless lighting controls portfolio, which includes nWifi technology, the ROAM streetlight monitoring system and the FIDO emergency monitoring system, and it further enhances our strategy of integrated and intelligent lighting and controls solutions,” said Vernon J. Nagel, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Acuity Brands. “Adura’s simple to use wireless technology coupled with our broad luminaire portfolio, Sensor Switch occupancy sensors and Lighting Control & Design (LC&D) system management software will allow for the creation of intelligent lighting systems that are simple to use while generating greater energy savings for our customers. We see wireless technology extending to almost all applications, including parking garages, industrial locations, retail settings, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and commercial office space.”

Adura’s products include the wireless light controller, which can control one or more ballasts, LED lamps, or other lighting tools to provide granular control. Adura also has web-based management software to provide scheduling, daylight harvesting, occupancy-based control, personal control, and load shedding. The Adura Enterprise Database can track and monitor energy use, carbon footpring, and peak load to show energy consumption, along with maintenance information such as reports of failed lamps and ballasts.