GE Lighting adds recessed troffer in light-guide based Lumination series

Aug. 6, 2013
The planar fixture is only 3.5 inches deep and is designed for mounting in a T-grid ceiling frame to produce uniform glare-free light.

GE Lighting has introduced the Lumination BT series of fixtures designed for troffer applications in T-grid ceilings for office and retail settings. The products are available in 2 ×2- and 2 ×4-ft versions and in a choice of 3500K and 4000K CCTs.

The Lumination BT series is designed to produce uniform and diffuse, glare-free lighting. The capability has been inherent in the light-guide technology that GE calls Intrinsx, which is the basis of prior Lumination-branded planar products. The Lumination BT conversely integrates a panel that is lit by LEDs from behind.

The Lumination BT design results in a product that is deeper, measuring 3.5 inches, than the prior products in the family. But the design is also lower in cost. The cost savings may come in part from a simpler design but also from the elimination of the Intrinsx that likely includes a licensing fee that GE must pay Rambus.

GE intends the Lumination BT as an entry-level, one-for-one replacement for fluorescent troffers that also upgrades aesthetics. "Many businesses desire the efficiency and aesthetic benefits of LED lighting technology but have been on the fence about an upgrade given its higher investment cost," said Eric Stevenson, global product manager, GE Lighting. "GE's new Lumination BT Series recessed troffer is an affordable, all-in-one lighting system that still boasts a modern, fashionable fixture design — helping today's architects and lighting designers achieve their goals for maximum workplace productivity: energy efficiency and maintenance savings."

The Lumination BT products are rated for 50,000 hours of life and GE warrants the product for five years. The system efficacy is 97 lm/W. The CRI is 80, with an R9 value greater than 0. Color maintenance is specified within a 4-step MacAdam ellipse.