MaxLite announces wide-beam SSL flood lights for HID replacement

March 13, 2013
New flood-light optics for LED-based luminaires enables 7×7 NEMA beam distribution with the capability of replacing 250W to 400W HID light sources.

MaxLite has announced Wide Type 5 Optics options in its MaxLED series of LED-based area lights. While the new optics still provide full-cutoff performance, the design can deliver 7×7 NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) light distribution that coves a 130° beam spreads.

The company has previously only supported beam patterns as wide as the 5×5 NEMA pattern that spans 70-100°. The broader beam can enable greater distances between poles in an area–lighting installation while still meeting regulatory guidelines on uplight.

MaxLite Wide Type 5 Optics in MaxLED fixture

The LED area lights are available in 70W, 100W, and 140W versions offering more than 50% reductions in energy usage over the HID products that they would replace. MaxLight said it is awaiting DesignLights Consortium certification for the products.

The fixtures are supplied with a CCT of 5000K and CRI in the 68-70 range. Efficacy ranges from 64 to 76 lm/W. All of the products are rated for 50,000 hours of life and backed with a five year warranty. The optics can deliver both full-flood beam patterns and Type V patterns with an optional MaxFocus Collimator that lengthens the throw.