Walmart Neighborhood Market saves 30% on energy with Cree LED lighting

March 8, 2013
Cree's SSL fixtures will light both interior and exterior of the Mt. Pleasant, WI, store with more than 400 LED linear luminaires.
The Walmart Neighborhood Market in Mt. Pleasant, WI, as part of a continued focus on sustainability, has chosen energy-efficient LED lighting by Cree Inc. Cree interior lighting products, including more than 400 CS18 suspended LED linear luminaires, will fully illuminate the store – from the sales floor and pharmacy to restrooms, vestibules, and backroom areas. The parking lot and exterior areas of the store will also be lit by Cree SSL lighting.
Walmart estimates that the CS18 luminaires, designed for low maintenance and long life, will save ~30 percent in energy costs in the store compared to interior fluorescent lighting. This long product lifetime (more than three times longer than standard fluorescents) allows cost savings by reducing maintenance and energy.

Walmart’s use of Cree LED lighting will help the retailer achieve its sustainability goals: to be supplied 100 percent by efficient renewable energy, to create zero waste, and to sell products that sustain people and the environment. Recently ranked fifth on the 2012 Newsweek rankings for greenest US retailers, Walmart, says it used enough renewable energy last year to power 78,000 homes and is keeping 80 percent of its US waste out of landfills.

"Cree LED lighting will help us advance our sustainability goals while reducing the cost of operations and also giving our customers a pleasant shopping experience,” said David Redfield, senior VP for Walmart operations.

"The Mt. Pleasant location will be a great showcase of the benefits of LED lighting for the full customer experience – from the parking lot to the aisles. We’re proud to support the new Neighborhood Market right in our own backyard," said Christopher Ruud, Cree VP, global LED adoption. Cree has an office in Racine, WI.