Barco brings China's largest full-color LED screen to life

Dec. 13, 2007
Barco has teamed with Beijing Hao Yun Investment Group to launch the largest full-color LED screen in China.
*** Company press release ***
The Chinese outdoor advertisement industry is one of the fastest growing markets today. The new Barco LED screen along the Third Ring Road in Beijing’s Chaoyang District, on the façade of the Jingxin building, is the crown jewel of Beijing Hao Yun Investment Group.

The Jingxin LED screen measures 758 square metres (8,159-square feet) and is composed of 1260 Barco SLite 14 tiles.

“Because we made such a big investment we evaluated all LED products on offer in the market. We decided to go for Barco based on quality and lifecycle cost. Our experience with Barco’s high-standard installation and after-service confirms our initial quality perception of Barco,” says Ms. Jiang Hailin, the representative of Beijing Hao Yun Investment Group. “Potential advertising customers are easily convinced that they need to advertise on this new screen. All we have to do is to show them what it would look like on the screen.”

“In all these years in China I have never been part of a project that captured the imagination of so many people. The Jingxin project is a good example of a client who wanted not just the biggest but also the best,” says Frank Christiaens, Managing Director Barco China. “Anyone who visits Beijing and passes by the 3rd ring road remembers our screen”.

Barco’s LED solution combines Dual Pixel Technology, the new DX-700 Digitizer and Barco’s Ambient Environment Controller Technology. Moreover, the LED tiles are IP65 certified.

1) Barco’s Dual Pixel Technology is a patented technology which doubles the virtual resolution for any given physical resolution. The Dual Pixel Technology makes the SLite 14 product ideally suited for a wide range of viewing distances and LED installations where quality, resolution and color uniformity are critical.

2) Barco’s outdoor products are all fully IP 65 certified (water and dust proof) which makes Barco’s products truly durable and ensures that they will maintain quality images even after many years of outdoor service, offering Out-Of-Home advertisers the lowest lifecycle cost and the best return on investment.

3) Barco’s Ambient Environment Controller Technology measures the environmental light conditions and adjusts the brightness of the LED wall to save energy. This feature further enables advertisers to actively control operating costs and to keep lifecycle cost at a minimum.

4) Barco’s DX-700 Digitizer has the largest video processing power in the industry with high visibility and stability. Next generation LED processor, DX-700 has full 16 bit internal processing, supporting HD-SDI signal processing. As a result it is the only controller in the world that can handle full-color LED screens of this size with unmatched contrast and brilliance levels and without motion defects.