UKDL compiles guide to UK lighting activities

June 14, 2007
The UK Display and Lighting KTN is compiling a guide to the UK's activities and capabilities in the field of lighting, to help attract overseas investment.
The UK Displays & Lighting (UKDL) Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) is helping the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) to produce three printed guides to the UK's activities and capabilities in certain areas, from R&D through to manufacturing. The guides will be:
  • A guide to Lighting activities in the UK (new publication)
  • A guide to Flat Panel Display activities in the UK (update to previous editions)
  • A guide to Plastic Electronics in the UK (new publication)
Entry in these guides is completely free of charge, and the guides themselves will be widely distributed around the British Embassies and Consulates worldwide as part of the ongoing promotion of "UK plc". Copies will also be available in the UK, where they will be available for use as Directories. The previous versions of the Flat Panel Displays guides have been extremely popular worldwide.

Although entries are free of charge, each Guide requires a positive "opt-in" by companies and universities, who should register with UKDL.

A175 word (maximum) description is required describing your organisation's activities that are relevant to the appropriate Guide(s). UKDL will also need full contact details for the relevant person whose name will appear in the Guide for that activity.

Don't delay - UKDL needs to receive entries by the end of June. The edited and formatted versions will then be sent back for approval during early July, and the finished publications will be available from mid-September.

Please email [email protected] or [email protected] with your 175 word entry OR send an email with your contact details and a note authorising UKDL to take your words from your company entry on the UKDL members' database.