DOE calls for more SSL projects, plans workshop

June 8, 2007
The DOE has released a funding opportunity for product development projects for LED and OLED lighting, and is planning a second Voices for SSL Efficiency workshop in Boston.
The US Department of Energy has released the Product Development (Round 4) funding opportunity as part of its Solid State Lighting (SSL) program. The closing date is July 10.

The DOE is soliciting applications from industrial organizations for high-priority product development activities that will advance the state-of-the-art of SSL used for general lighting applications.

This release marks the fourth DOE SSL Product Development funding opportunity offered in a series expected to span a decade. Product Development projects are designed to develop or improve commercially viable materials, devices, or systems.

Technical activities are to be focused on a targeted market application with fully defined price, efficacy, and other performance parameters necessary for success of the proposed product.

The funding opportunity web page lists six specific areas of interest:

  • Internal Quantum Efficiency (IQE)
  • Reliability and Defect Physics for Improved Emitter Lifetime and Efficiency
  • Phosphors and Conversion Materials
  • Extraction Efficiency
  • Organic Light Emitter Research - High Efficiency, Low Voltage, High Luminance, Stable Materials and Structures
  • Strategies for Improved Light Extraction of OLEDs

Voices for SSL Efficiency workshop
In April 2007, more than 100 attendees gathered in Pasadena to discuss how Federal, State, and private-sector organizations can work together to shape markets for high-performance SSL products.

DOE and the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships are co-hosting a second workshop in Boston on July 16-17 for organizations that were unable to attend the Pasadena workshop.

The Boston workshop will again provide a forum for efficiency organizations, utilities, designers, manufacturers, and others to share insights, ideas, and updates on the rapidly evolving SSL market. Subjects will include:

  • Emerging SSL markets for general illumination — timing and niches
  • Lessons learned from market introduction of compact fluorescent lighting
  • DOE's five-year SSL Commercialization Support Plan, including ENERGY STAR®, testing, standards, demonstrations, competitions, and opportunities to participate
  • SSL product rollout scenarios — priorities and potential roles for government, industry, utilities, efficiency organizations
  • SSL essentials — technology, applications, advantages, disadvantages