LED lighting panels provide sophisticated office design

June 19, 2007
Chaos Design Consultants have installed LED-backlit panels in a office in Finsbury Square, London.
Visitors and employees in offices at 38 Finsbury Square, London, enter a sophisticated corporate environment of light and glass, illuminated by Chaos Design Consultants.

An impressive reception area has been enhanced by the installation of an illuminated colour-changing glass wall and an illuminated reception desk.

The wall is made up of 14 floor-to-ceiling panels of laminated glass, behind which Chaos Design Consultants have installed panels of Prismex. Each of these panels is edgelit with white LEDs.

Prismex is a special acrylic that has a dot-pattern printed on it that picks up light from the edge and evenly spreads it across the panels. The colour-changing effect has been achieved by laminating dichroic film on to the glass panels – dichroic film is a "mirror" film that gives the appearance of changing colour as one walks past it.

The reception desk has a top surface made of slabs of black marble, with glass panels across the front. Again, Chaos used Prismex panels behind the glass, and edgelit the panels with white LEDs.

Chaos says that the requirement was for an eye-catching and modern design suitable for this refurbished office block. "The client feels that both our installations have provided this,” says Chaos managing director Jonty Savile. "Although this colour-changing wall is in an office environment, it could easily be adapted for a nightclub, hotel or restaurant environment instead."

Chaos Design Consultants have used both Prismex and LEDs for feature lighting displays at an office in St. James Square in London, Victoria, London, the Boots flagship store in Oxford Street, London, the Hilton Hotel at Heathrow. They are currently involved in the refurbishment of the former headquarters of Shell at Shell Centre in London.