Astronics gains FAA approval for LED aircraft lights

Sept. 27, 2007
An LED tail position light and an LED low-profile wingtip lighting assembly have been approved by the FAA.
Astronics Corporation, a supplier of lighting and other systems for the global aerospace industry, has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Technical Standard Order (TSO) approval for two new LED-based exterior aircraft lighting assemblies.

The first lighting assemblies is an LED tail position light developed in response to aircraft manufacturers' demand for lighting solutions that offer dramatically longer life spans compared with conventional lighting products.

This self-contained assembly is designed to drop-in and replace many of the lighting assemblies based on older technology currently in use, but is streamlined and advanced enough to be used on the newest class of business jet aircraft platforms now under development. The tail position light meets the FAA Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) requirements for position lighting.

The second lighting assembly is an LED low-profile wingtip lighting assembly that incorporates full aircraft anti-collision and position functions.

The unit is completely self-contained without the need for external power supplies. And since multiple lighting assemblies are now combined into one wingtip lighting assembly, the new lighting assembly also reduces the power, weight and drag on the aircraft while dramatically improving its operational life. The wingtip lighting assembly meets the FAA FAR requirements for position and anti-collision lighting.

Peter Gundermann, president and CEO of Astronics Corporation, commented, "Aircraft manufacturers [require] lighting solutions that effectively incorporate cutting-edge technology to increase useful product life while reducing system weight and power requirements. The tail position light and wingtip lighting assembly expand our already robust suite of aircraft lighting solutions that can be found on business, commercial and military aircraft around the world."