Cree XR-E LEDs deliver up to 210 lm at 1 A

Jan. 29, 2007
Additional testing of XLamp XR-E LEDs has qualified them to operate at up to 1 A, for applications such as portable lighting where maximum luminous flux is required.
LED manufacturer Cree has qualified its XLamp XR-E LEDs for operation up to one amp.

The XR-E LED produces luminous flux of up to 210 lumens at 1 A, with typical luminous flux of 176 lumens.

Cree XR-E LED performance This is not a new product, but represents the results of continued testing of the XR-E to ensure that it meets the necessary criteria for operation at 1 A.

When the product was first launched in October 2006, the XR-E was qualified to operate at up to 700 mA (see Cree unveils 160-lumen XLamp LED.

"The Cree XLamp XR-E LED is established as the industry’s best-performing power LED in production," says Norbert Hiller, Cree vice president and general manager for XLamp LEDs. "To make the XR-E LED even better, it is now qualified for extended performance in higher-power applications, such a portable lighting, where maximum light output is required."

In recent weeks, Cree has made several announcements that its XR-E LEDs have been adopted by different portable lighting and flashlight manufacturers.

"This qualification also applies to the millions of XR-E LEDs already in the field," continued Hiller, "so customers can be confident using their existing XR-E LEDs at the higher power levels."