Lumileds Luxeon Flash shipments exceed 100 million units

Lumileds has supplied LEDs for the flash units of a significant proportion of mobile handsets worldwide.

Philips Lumileds says that it has delivered more than 100 million units of its Luxeon Flash power LEDs to camera phone manufacturers worldwide.

Luxeon Flash LEDs provide quality illumination for camera flash applications in 2 megapixel and higher camera phones, as well as for video and flashlight applications that are being built into mobile handsets today.

Lumileds says that the functional flash market for camera phones was established less than three years ago when the company released its first generation Luxeon Flash (see White LEDs from Lumileds improve functionality of phone flashes), making this product one of the most quickly adopted and dominant products in the company's history.

"Prior to the introduction of LUXEON Flash, there were no solutions available that provided the illumination necessary to produce quality images in low light environments, and users were limited to taking daytime pictures," said Richard Weiss, VP Digital Imaging Business.

Weiss also said that only Luxeon Flash power LEDs provide the light output for video and still imaging without sacrificing battery life. "Xenon can't provide sustained light output, and requires significantly more space and high-voltage. And, low power LEDs can't deliver the illumination needed for digital imaging."

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