LED tubes enable Pearl River illumination

March 12, 2007
Buildings along Pearl River, China are now dressed using an LED-based illumination system from Malaysia-based PASEF.
The company claims that this is the world's largest architectural illumination system, at height of 150 m and 20 m wide (which is equivalent to a 25-storey commercial building).
Buildings along Peal River, China

PASEF's Architectural Illuminate System is a combination of 1 m long LED light tubes and the latest illumination technology. The tubes play videos and graphics without obstructing or making changes to the building.

This marks a significant development in employing video message boards for outdoor advertising using the latest LED illumination technology.

There are more than 10 buildings worldwide that used PASEF Architectural Illuminates System for outdoor advertising. The large-scale video message boards have attracted a great deal of attention, demonstrating that it provides an effective way of passing messages to consumers.

Building with message board

With a maximum viewing distance of 4.5 km (30 times the height of the screen), PASEF Architectural Illuminates Systems bring in a high revenue for commercials. The advertised video clips leave a deep impression on consumers.

PASEF's Architectural Illuminate System is controlled by a PC with AVI card. It uses a 'what you see is what you get concept' (WYSIWYG ) – what you see on your PC screen is what will be displayed on the building.

The system is compatible with many common video clip formats (including AVI, Mpeg, and MOV) and picture formats (jpeg, gif, tif) The user-friendly controlling software has various functions and features, and is designed to be easy-to-use. The large-scale illumination system can be controlled with a familiarity with MS Windows.