Greenlite runs a red light at Lightfair

May 17, 2010
A fake Lighting Facts label on an LED lamp displayed at Lightfair was caught by the DOE.
You cannot always believe what you hear or what you read, to paraphrase Jack Curran from his presentation at Lightfair, and product displayed at Lightfair itself is no exception.
Fake label on Greenlite lamp There were many great SSL products at Lightfair this year from manufacturers who are committed to presenting the facts properly. However, there were bad apples, and one company that misrepresented the facts by using a fake Lighting Facts label.

Greenlite of Montreal, Quebec, a CFL manufacturer and now an LED-lamp purveyor, was speeding a little too quickly on the way to market and was caught on the radar of the US Department of Energy’s Lighting Facts program late on Thursday at Lightfair.

As shown in the picture, taken at the DOE booth at Lightfair on Thursday, the product packaging graphics include the Lighting Facts label, which was determined to be a counterfeit.

On Thursday it was confirmed that not only is the label a counterfeit, the appropriate documentation for the product in question has not been as submitted and that is likely also due to the fact that Greenlite itself is not even a Lighting Facts Partner.

In an interview with DOE representatives on Thursday, it was indicated that Greenlite will be receiving an official letter to cease and desist from DOE General Counsel…and the letter will not be a counterfeit!

This follows previous instances of Lighting Facts label counterfeiting involving both Philips and Osram Sylvania products.