CELMA and ELC host LED Forum at Light+Building

April 28, 2010
A recent seminar highlighted the efforts of the European lighting industry to deliver high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting solutions.
The European Lighting Industry, represented at European level in Brussels by the organizations CELMA for luminaires and components, and by the European Lamps Companies Federation (ELC) for lamps, organized the first joint CELMA / ELC LED Forum recently. The Forum was held on April 14 during the Light+Building Fair in Frankfurt.

A detailed review of the Forum will appear in the May/June issue of LEDs Magazine.

The objectives of the European Lighting industry are to increase the market opportunities for CELMA & ELC members for quality LED lighting products and systems by:

  • Speeding up and increasing the adoption of LED products and luminaires
  • Driving standards & future certification, in favour of quality solutions
  • Educating the market

The objective of the CELMA / ELC LED Forum was to educate the market about the latest information available. The Forum was attended by 200 participants with representatives from the European Commission, authority officials from EU Member States and also from other countries in the world, Energy Agencies from different countries, lighting press and CEOs and representatives from the lighting industry and Lighting Associations from several regions of the world.

The Forum which was opened by Andreas Ludwig, CELMA President and closed by Jan Denneman, ELC President, was divided into the following sessions:

  • Session 1 – Setting the scene by the European Commission
  • Session 2 – State of the art for LED luminaires
  • Session 3 – State of the art for LED lamps & LED modules
  • Session 4 – How standardization and other initiatives can help to fulfill customers’ expectations with LED lighting solutions.

The Forum demonstrated that lighting with LED lamps, modules & luminaires is a viable choice. The European Lighting Industry is working very hard to:

  • Deliver high-level “quality” LED lighting solutions to ensure satisfaction of consumers/users
  • Support the EU in achieving its “20/20/20” energy-efficiency targets
  • Contribute to a sustainable planet by leveraging the breakthrough LED technology

The European Lighting Industry seeks support from the European Union and the Member States for:

  • Strong and rapid EU legislation to ensure only good quality LED products can reach EU consumers - to be complemented in the future by a new EU Lighting System Legislation
  • Crucial need for effective Market Surveillance across EU
  • Harmonized initiatives (including financial) to promote good quality LED products & systems
  • Inclusion of LED Technology in the EU's "New Industrial Policy" Framework and the 8th EU Framework Programme for Research
  • Increased global cooperation and exchange of information.

All presentations made during the CELMA / ELC Forum, as well as the agenda and list of Participants, are available on the CELMA and ELC websites.