Merger of LED measurement companies brings integrating-sphere expertise under one roof (MAGAZINE)

Nov. 4, 2010
Labsphere and SphereOptics, two US-based LED metrology companies, merged earlier this year and are now operating as part of Halma, a holding company that is eyeing further acquisitions, as Kevin Chittim and David Leighty explain.
Founded in the late 1970s by Phil Lape, a well-known photonics entrepreneur, Labsphere was established in the belief that integrating-sphere technology could improve on existing methods for measuring light. Integrating spheres diffuse and homogenize light, thereby improving the accuracy of optical, photometric and radiometric measurements.

Labsphere was acquired by a colorimeter manufacturer in 1995 and sold to Halma plc, a British technology holding company, in 2007. Meanwhile, in 2003, several Labsphere veterans left the company to establish SphereOptics. In January 2010, Sphere- Optics was also acquired by Halma and merged into Labsphere, bringing the integrating- sphere manufacturer full circle.


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