Intelligent lighting systems drive radical energy-efficiency gains (MAGAZINE)

Nov. 4, 2010
LED-based SSL can deliver significant energy savings relative to legacy light sources. And as Brian Chemel describes, the savings are compounded substantially with the addition of controls, resulting in an intelligent lighting system.
LEDs are widely acknowledged to be the engines of wholesale transformation of the lighting industry, creating the opportunity to reinvent how lighting is delivered and consumed. Gone are the days of “dumb” standalone fixtures that waste, in aggregate, tremendous amounts of energy. Today’s intelligent lighting systems deliver radical energy savings – up to 90% over traditional fixtures – and numerous other benefits as well.

This industry shift is driven by LEDs’ native properties – lower energy use and inherent controllability – and because it is now possible to design complete, integrated and intelligent lighting systems which exploit these properties to maximum advantage. Each of these qualities – low energy use, controllability and systems-oriented design – offers the savings opportunities we need to slash the amount of energy that is consumed by lighting.


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