Strategies in Light: Truth in SSL Marketing and Labeling

Feb. 1, 2010
Lighting Conference session will focus on truth in marketing and advertising through labeling in solid state lighting.
Throughout the afternoon of February 11 at the Strategies in Light Conference, a mix of experts will speak on labeling issues for solid-state lighting (SSL). Entitled "Truth in Labeling: Lighting Facts, Marketing, and Labeling Issues for SSL," the session will provide the perspective of the lighting designer, labeling program administrator, and SSL manufacturer.

Brian Owen will moderate the session that ends with what will likely be a lively panel discussion. Owen is the Senior Program Advisor to greenTbiz, facilitating the LED City Toronto initiative. Owen is also a regular contributor to LED magazine, and wrote an article on customer education last summer that highlighted the need for better disclosure of SSL product capabilities.

Speakers include Marci Sanders, a Program Manager for the DOE Energy Star program that includes the Lighting Facts label program. Avi Mor with Lightswitch Architectural will bring the designers' perspective (see related story). US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) attorney Hampton Newsome will address consumer protection issues. And Howard Yaphe of Canlyte Philips will add the lighting manufacturers' perspective.

Owen points out that there have been many instances of false claims and misrepresentations of both product capabilities and even who designs and manufactures products in the young but growing SSL space. For instance, the Funding+Programs department of the November/December2009 issue of LEDs magazine covered rogue Lighting Facts labels.

Ultimately Owen is a proponent of the Lighting Facts label program. He states, "I'm not a critic of the program. I'm a critic of those that abuse the program." In fact Owen believes that all lighting will be required to carry the Lighting Facts label. That's likely the message that Hampton Newsome will deliver.

Owen has a simple question for the manufacturers and their need to communicate with customers. He asks, "What are they doing to meet the requirements? And how will they inform the buyers and specifiers?"

Strategies in Light 2010 is the longest-running and largest high-brightness LED and lighting conference. The conference is slated for February 10-12 in Santa Clara, CA.