TridonicAtco and Lumitech collaborate to promote PI-LED technology

March 1, 2010
TridonicAtco plans to launch a range of lighting products incorporating control that allows reproducible control of LED color temperature.
Two Austrian companies, TridonicAtco and Lumitech, have agreed an extensive collaboration in the field of PI-LED technology, which enables stable and reproducible white light for the entire service life of an LED lighting solution.

TridonicAtco has assumed exclusive responsibility for marketing the PI-LED technology, which was developed by Lumitech. TridonicAtco will present a comprehensive portfolio of innovative LED solutions incorporating the technology at the Light+Building tradeshow in April 2010.

The technology, for which Lumitech won the Austrian National Award for Innovation in 2008, describes a procedure for the efficient production of warm-white LED light. The PI-LED approach can produce all color tones of the white-light spectrum, and allows control of an LED module’s color temperature via common lighting management systems such as DALI or DMX.

“We have joined forces and combined the strong points of both companies, so that we can offer impressive added value to our customers,” Erwin Baumgartner, Managing Director of Lumitech Produktion und Entwicklungs GmbH.

“Thanks to individually adjustable light colours, goods, art objects or offices can be illuminated to optimum effect. TridonicAtco’s sales structure will make this technology available to many luminaire manufacturers.”

TridonicAtco, located in Dornbirn, Austria, is part of the Zumtobel Group, while Lumitech’s HQ in Jennersdorf, Austria, is located next to Ledon Lighting, another Zumtobel subsidiary.

The cooperation agreement provides for a long-term mutual supplier relationship between Lumitech and Ledon Lighting regarding the provision of LED modules and of special “pastes” for white light conversion.

“The cooperation agreement will consolidate and further expand the successful collaboration between the two companies that has been ongoing since 2001,” says Stefan Tasch, Managing Director of Ledon Lighting Jennersdorf GmbH. “We from Ledon Lighting are glad to be able to be part of this cooperation by providing our LED modules.”

“Thanks to this cooperation, we are now able to launch attractive LED lighting solutions that will set new standards in terms of constant white light quality. Using TridonicAtco’s world-wide sales competence, we will boost LED business growth even further”, explains Walter Ziegler, CEO of TridonicAtco.