Leaf lamp fuses LEDs with elegant design

May 22, 2006
A new LED lamp from Herman Miller incorporates white LEDs with a cunning thermal design to achieve a highly distinctive appearance.
US furniture giant Herman Miller has introduced the Leaf lamp, designed by Yves Béhar, which incorporates white LEDs into a sleek, elegant design.

An article authored by Reena Jana and entitled A Lamp to the Light the Way on the BusinessWeek Online website describes the process of building the lamp, which incorporates white LEDs supplied by Nichia.

The 20 LEDs are housed in a long, thin lamp head made of stamped metal containing a series of bumps that highlight the presence of the LEDs. Each bump has a tiny hole to assist with air circulation and heat removal from the LEDs. Also, the head and neck of the lamp contain channels that assist with heat removal and allow the base to act as a heat sink.
With efficient cooling, the lamp head can be touched by the user, who is able to move the head up and down or twist it to adjust light levels. The lamp also incorporates a dimmer switch, and is designed so that the head can be removed and replaced when the LEDs reach the end of their useful life.