OIDA roadmap forum looks at green LED technology

April 20, 2006
OIDA is hosting a technology roadmap forum as part of its plan to update a four-year-old roadmap on LED technology.
The US Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA) is to host two technology roadmap forums in May 2006 which will help update industry roadmaps covering high-brightness LEDs.

The two events, one covering nitride-based optoelectronic devices and the other on high-power diode laser sources, are to be held on consecutive days (May 10-11) in Palo Alto, California. Based in Washington DC, OIDA is a non-profit association dedicated to support industry members who represent the leading providers of optoelectronic components and systems enabled by optoelectronics.

OIDA president and CEO Michael Lebby told LEDs Magazine that industry is keen to see an updated roadmap for LEDs. "The 2002 roadmaps for HB-LEDs, developed by a consortium brought together by OIDA, are still in use today," says Lebby. "We want to explore where the technology has gone over the last 4 years and update the roadmaps accordingly."

Lebby explains that part of OIDA's role is to develop roadmaps that highlight what needs to be done, and expose these to industry, academia and government organizations. "We try to be provocative on issues that need attention," he says. "We want to highlight real problems, which when solved will move consumer products out to the marketplace faster."

One key area for discussion for the forum will be the development of high-efficiency green LEDs, which lag behind blue and red. There are real incentives to improve green efficiency; for example, LCD backlighting schemes using LEDs often have 1 red, 1 blue and 2 green devices.

Nitride LED and Laser Technology forum

The May 11 forum on Nitride LED and Laser Technology will discuss the impact of these devices on the display, medical and storage industries.

As well as green devices, the forum will discuss technological benefits of different substrate routes and growth technologies, as well as the issues surrounding intellectual property, packaging, and thermal effects, and the lack of standards in these areas.

Download the agenda (PDF, 30K)

The forum will address the following:

  • The market for nitride LEDs and lasers and the impact of new sources.
  • Applications, reliability concerns, and end user requirements.
  • Packaging, thermal issues, and technology constraints.
The desired outcome from the meeting is to outline recommendations for the industry, government and academia on the markets and future direction of nitride-based LEDs and laser sources. The workshop is looking to identify technical, financial, standardization and commercial barriers such that a realistic approach to these areas can be achieved.

The forum will include presentations by experts from industry and academia representing the full spectrum of technological, industrial, and application developers and users. In addition, a discussion panel and breakout sessions will provide an opportunity for attendees to focus on specific issues and needs for inclusion in the forum recommendations.

The meeting will be held in conjunction with the High Power Diode Laser Sources roadmap forum on May 10. Attendees may register for both for one rate.