Lighting Science supplies LED lights to City of Raleigh

Dec. 11, 2006
A municipal parking deck is "going green" with LED-based low bay fixtures.
Lighting Science Group Corporation is to supply 141 LED-based low-bay lighting fixtures to the City of Raleigh, NC for use in the Raleigh municipal parking deck as part of a joint project with LED maker Cree.

Installation of the low-bay Optimized Digital Lighting™ (ODL) fixtures, expected to be complete prior to the end of the year, will be performed by Amtech Lighting Services, a subsidiary of ABM industries.

Lighting Science's low bay fixtures contain an array of Cree Xlamp LEDs and consume only 75 watts, 25% to 50% less than the high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting fixtures that will be replaced.

The fixtures provide cool white light with good color rendering, resulting in a substantial improvement in night vision when compared to the orange/yellow light emitted by HPS lighting fixtures.

The City of Raleigh recognizes that garages are substantial consumers both of energy and of lighting products, and is among the first municipalities to do something about it by "going green" with LED fixtures.

In addition to energy savings, the LED fixtures do not contain mercury or other hazardous materials found in many types of HPS lighting that require specialized disposal procedures. Also, the overall volume of waste is reduced the fixtures last up to three times longer than HPS bulbs and ballasts.

Ron Lusk, Chairman and CEO of Lighting Science, stated "We are pleased that the City of Raleigh has selected our ODL technology as part of its green initiative. We are confident the city will be pleased with the reduced energy use, longer life and improved light quality compared to conventional HPS lighting fixtures."