Progress Lighting introduces 50 new residential LED fixtures

June 26, 2006
In partnership with Permlight, Progress Lighting has launched a wide range of LED fixtures for the residential lighting market.
At two recent events in the US, Progress Lighting, a Hubbell Lighting company launched HI-EF® – the first comprehensive line of residential LED fixtures - in partnership with Permlight Products.

Progress and Permlight announced their partnership in March this year.

This product line represents the first fixture family to feature LED solid-state lighting sources for general home illumination. Including mini-pendants, cove lighting, step lighting and recessed fixtures, HI-EF® provides general illumination with high-output warm-white LED sources (2750K – just like an incandescent lamp) that can be dimmed with standard dimmers.

The fixtures in this collection consume between 2-15 watts of power, emit little to no heat and last over 30,000 hours. Featuring an efficacy over 40 lm/W and containing no mercury or other harmful substances, HI-EF® fixtures are compliant with California's Title 24 (relating to source efficacy) and Title 22 (mercury content).

“The life span of our LED source is over 30,000 hours. Compare that to 1,500-2,000 hours for an incandescent lamp, 2,000-4,000 for halogen and 8,000-10,000 hours for a compact fluorescent lamp,” offered Jim Decker, vice president of brand management for Progress Lighting.

“End-users, industry professionals and energy regulators will be very pleased with these energy-saving lighting solutions. LED lumens per watt are comparable to compact fluorescent technology, and among the many benefits to consumers is the fact they operate at such cool temperatures. This eliminates skin burns that occur with touching a hot lamp and allows a home’s air conditioning system to operate more efficiently, but perhaps one of the greatest advantages to this technology is our LED lighting system can last as long as some roofs. Think about not having to change a lamp for 15-20 years.”

HI-EF is a registered Trademark of Permlight Products.