Seminars discuss off-grid LED lighting, LCD backlighting

Sept. 21, 2006
Two separate seminars in the US will discuss the role for LEDs in fulfilling the demand for off-grid lighting solutions, as well as providing backlights for LCD screens.
Off-grid lighting

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector investment arm of the World Bank Group, is to hold a seminar entitled "LEDs for Off-Grid Lighting in Developing Countries: Tapping into a $40 Billion Market of 1.6 Billion Consumers."

The event will take place on October 16 as part of Intertech's Light Emitting Diodes 2006 conference in San Diego, California.

Independent estimates indicate that the global spending on fuel-based lighting (e.g. kerosene, candles) in developing countries is $40 billion per year. IFC believes that part of this demand for off-grid lighting solutions can be channeled to LED-based products, and that this represents a new, large and high growth market for LED companies.

In the seminar, IFC will discuss the market opportunity for LEDs in developing countries and present a new $7 million initiative to assist LED companies in successfully entering this market.

Additional information on IFC's initiative "Lighting the Bottom of the Pyramid" can be found at

LCD backlighting

Following its successful event at the start of 2006, the Los Angles Chapter of the Society for Information Display (SID) is organizing the "LCD LED Lighting Technology Conference" on January 19, 2007.

The event is a one-day, focused technical and business conference covering areas such as LCD backlighting, microdisplay illumination, RPTV displays, color field sequential displays, and pocket projectors.

The event takes place at Costa Mesa Country Club, Costa Mesa, California on January 19, 2007. Latest information can be found at