Alcan showcases "aluminum sandwich" LED lighting system

Sept. 21, 2006
Alcan, a leading global materials company, has unveiled a prototype FLAT LED lighting system that combines aluminium components and LEDs in an innovative sandwich construction.

Among a number of attributes, the system greatly reduces heat generation and reducing assembly cost, when compared with traditional LED systems, says the company.

Traditional LED systems generate large amounts of heat, resulting in short LED life spans, and the use of numerous LED emitters in each system means labour-intensive wiring and assembly. Alcan says that the FLAT LED systems offer greater design freedom in the lighting of any room, and more flexibility in the selection of individual LED components and the configuration of the LEDs' conductive infrastructure.

Alcan's FLAT LED system consists of three components. The first layer is mounted on a wall or ceiling. It comprises an aluminium foil that bears the conductive circuit paths and the necessary series resistors. The conductive paths (silver conductive paint) and series resistors (graphite conductive paint) are printed in a single step by a gravure process. The LEDs' conductivity is determined by matching any combination of thickness and width of the conductive paths.

The second layer consists of a 6 mm thick ALUCORE panel, which serves as a carrier material for the complete lighting construction. This lightweight all-aluminium sandwich panel, with a honeycomb core, gives the system its stability. It also has excellent heat conducting properties and ensures optimum LED performance at moderate temperatures. Holes are drilled into the ALUCORE panel where the LEDs are to be positioned.

The third layer is a matt aluminium reflector sheet with deep-drawn mini reflectors for directing the light and reducing glare. It is the only visible layer once the entire system has been installed. As with conventional lamps, the shape of the spherical cap determines the reflecting characteristics of the light. In the final assembly, the individual layers are joined to form a compact FLAT LED light, measuring 600 x 600 mm.

When the long-lasting FLAT LED system comes to the end of its useful life, all of the aluminium components can be recycled.

"Alcan is particularly proud of this superior FLAT LED lighting system as it clearly demonstrates the company's innovative spirit, technological competencies and capabilities in energy saving development work," said Christophe Villemin, President Alcan Specialty Sheet.