Korean buildings make use of LED lighting effects

Aug. 24, 2006
As in other cities around the world, Seoul has a number of buildings that have updated their appearance using LED lighting.
A number of landmark buildings in Korea have recently updated their external appearance using LED lighting, according to the first issue of a new magazine, Korea Sign Industry (KSI), published in English by POPSIGN Co Ltd.

According to KSI, many countries are using "beautiful waves of lights to decorate the nighttime streets of their cities" and several large buildings in Seoul are examples of that trend.

GS building The GS Tower has used an array of RGB LED elements from Color Kinetics to present various images for different seasons, climates and dates, and to provide information on weather, time and different events. The Led fixtures are positioned on the frames of windows on three sides of the building, on the upper floors.
In the 63 Square building, LEDs have been used behind opaque glass panels in the canopy above the store fronts. The canopy contains 1300 high-power RGB LED elements, linked by aluminum channel bars running behind the glass.
LIG Insurance LIG Insurance has applied LED lighting to the whole of its headquarters building in the Gangnam area of Seoul. Linear LED bars are located above each window space, and these project light onto screens that are rolled down over the windows at night. A total of 375 1200-mm light bars and 15 600-mm fixtures were used.

Each window becomes a "light pixel", and the giant screen can display a variety of images and light patterns. A similar effect was achieved with the Kuo Hua Insurance Building in Taipei, Taiwan.

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