Intematix licenses white LED phosphor to Kingbright

March 1, 2006
Another LED maker has decided to make white LEDs using patented phosphor materials supplied by Intematix.
Phosphor supplier Intematix Corporation has added a major Taiwanese LED maker, Kingbright Electronic Co. Ltd., to its list of customers for its phosphor materials used to make white LEDs.

Included in the license is Intematix’ White Lightning NY450/NY460 product line which has recently been expanded to include warm-white spectral variants.

"Kingbright intends on using the Intematix’ patent-backed phosphor in a wide range of our core and emerging applications areas to set a ‘best-in-the-industry’ standard for packaged LEDs," said Wen Joe Song, Kingbright President and CEO. "With these solutions, Kingbright is able to apply its performance-differentiated product strategy to capture a share of the solid-state lighting marketplace."

Kingbright recently licensed a white LED patent owned by US LED maker Cree (see News story). Wen Joe Song continued, "We have integrated our own unique packaging technologies with Cree chips and Intematix phosphor to deliver the optimal performance, as well as the best value, into the competitive global marketplace."

Several weeks ago, Intematix signed a distribution agreement with Sumitomo (see News story). Sumitomo is the major distributor for Cree chips in Japan.

Intematix VP of Engineering and Co-Founder, Yi Qun Li, states, “The combination of Kingbright’s capabilities, their licensed usage of Cree's white LED technology, and our patent-backed customizable phosphor technologies can serve the marketplace with high performance and flexible color designs. We are grateful to Kingbright for their validation of our phosphors and their commitment to independent sources of both patent protected phosphor and chips.”