Market Strategy is the Key Challenge for Nanophotonics, says Strategies Unlimited

Nov. 10, 2004
Mountain View, CA - Nanophotonics has the potential to improve optoelectronic products in a wide array of new applications, including three target markets each worth billions of dollars. However, the technologies and applications are diverse and multidisciplinary, in early stages of development, and the opportunities are spread throughout the value chain, making market strategy a greater challenge than the technology. These findings are presented in a new study just released by Strategies Unlimited titled, Nanophotonics: Assessement of Technologies and Market Opportunities. Other findings in the report include the following:Nanotechnology may improve the efficiency of high brightness LEDs in multiple ways to accelerate this $4 billion, high-growth market, and help move LEDs into the realm of general illumination.Companies pursuing carbon nanotube displays may be able to catch the largest bounty of all, a piece of the $60 billion, high growth flat panel business.Nanotechnology may finally bring breakthroughs in solar cells to lower manufacturing cost to levels competitive with other energy sources.A wide array of nanophotonics-based niche sensor products, particularly biomedical sensors, add to a sizable business, with the potential for an as-yet unidentified blockbuster product.Among the nanophotonics winners will be material companies (such as Corning and DuPont)diversified across applications, and system vendors that incorporate nanotechnology to serve their core customers (such as Lockheed, Samsung, and Applied Biosystems). "Worldwide, there will be over $4 billion in government funded R&D going into nanotechnology in 2004. But the market doesn't care about technologies, it only cares about products and features." says Tom Hausken, director of optical component research at Strategies Unlimited. "It turns out that the real challenge will be to identify the market opportunities, and size the investment to fit them."

The report reviews the nanophotonics applications, markets,and technologies, presents forecasts, and profiles key companies and institutions working in this subject.

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