This (Lighting) Experience Sucks

If you drove to HydroVision 94 in Phoenix, Ariz., you might have filled your car with gasoline that cost an average of $1.10 per gallon.



Derry Berrigan

Derry Berrigan, Derry Berrigan Lighting Design

My favorite sushi bar in Chicago recently changed to all LED lighting in the restaurant. Eating my sushi under the new LEDs I experienced a flickering and a corpse-like experience. I shook my head in disbelief. I designed my first commercial LED lighting project in 2006—eight years ago. I dealt with the same color rendering and dimming problems then...I had to ask myself, have we come very far? This presentation will discuss what lessons our industry is not learning. We will draw upon the recent experiences of Light Think Studios (LTS) which is now involved in a number of commercial lighting design projects, redoing earlier LED lighting designs done by manufacturers or distributors.

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