Quarterly Gan Report

Feb. 1, 2009
The LED lighting market (packaged chips) is forecasted to grow to $1.65 billion by 2012 making this one of the fastest growing segments in the LED industry. SSL has the potential to be the next generation lighting technology and the LED lighting fixture industry is an emerging market application for packaged HB-LEDs.

This report contains the results of the most comprehensive LED supply model for the LED Industry.

  • The supply data consists of InGaN and GaN LEDs (i.e., blue, green, and white). For the report when GaN is referred to, it also includes InGaN.
  • The analysis consists of specific reactor and configuration data combined with maintenance, epi yield, chip yield, package yield, and in-spec selection as well as factory utilization assumptions to drive thecapacity figures.
  • Capacity is defined as the production capability of a MOCVD tool based on the Runs/Day
    calculated using the following:
  • Parameters
    • Number of wafers per platter
    • Cycle Time
    • Downtime
  • Runs per day is then used to calculate die capacity based on:
    • Wafer Size
    • Weighted Average Die Size by Application
    • Number of Reactors
  • Average Utilization and Package Yield
  • The installations in Q2’10 were determined by surveying tool makers and some LED manufacturers.
  • Q2’10 installations are based on actual shipments by the tool makers and Q3’10 is based on reactor orders. The Q4’10 installations are based on estimating the capacity of the tool makers, assessing their orders and then combining the totals of the tool makers into a single number without considering the LED manufacturer.