Nanophotonics: Assessment of Technology and Market Opportunities

July 1, 2005

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Number of Pages: 170
Publish Date: July 2005

The First Nanophotonics Opportunities Are Beginning to Take Shape

Whether one believes that nanotechnology is the great hype or the great hope, there is a large flow of money going into the field worldwide, and some products have been on the market for some time. The flurry of R&D activity and promotion is also leading to some opportunities in photonics, even as others are essentially science projects years or decades away from commercialization.

But, there is a dizzying and expanding array of overlapping and novel ideas. And, each opportunity tells a different story. Given the multidisciplinary nature of nanophotonics, commercial success will depend greatly on the marketing skills of prospective companies to match their skills with the opportunities.

Strategies Unlimited's new report Nanophotonics: Assessment of Technology and Market Opportunities is the first review of this emerging field from a market perspective. The report organizes the activities going on in this field, closely examines some emerging opportunities, and presents forecasts of relevant markets.

  • Organizes the technologies and puts their value in a larger, market perspective.
  • Identifies trends in applications and forecasts for selected applications through 2014, including relevant units, prices, and revenues.
  • Reviews the activities by company and institution, and lists customers or other key players in promising applications.

Key Technologies and applications discussed in the report:

Quantum dots
Photonic crystals and integrated holography
Microstructured fiber and fiber nanowires
Microfluidic devices
Nanophotonics in LEDs
Photovoltaic cells
Photonics in nanolithography

Nanophotonics: Assessment of Technology and Market Opportunities is designed to help optical component and system vendors understand where nanophotonics applications and technologies are headed. Based on interviews and a deep understanding of networks and components, this report provides the first review of this market.