Telecom Lasers, Transceivers, and Transponders: 2003 Market Review and Forecast

Jan. 1, 2003

Report Price: $4,950.00
Number of Pages: 130
Publish Date: January 2003

Growth in telecom traffic continues to grow, albeit more slowly, and prices will stabilize enough to provide revenue growth to the telecom laser market beginning in 2003, but there are still far too many suppliers hoping to survive the downturn. This new report reevaluates the market for telecom lasers in light of the current downturn and recovery, the gap between cons umption and shipments, and the transition to higher levels of integration (called SERDES transceivers or transponders). This update of our earlier report breaks down the market by network application, and further by data rate, reach, and wavelength, to provide complete forecasts on the entire telecom market, in a user-friendly manner. History and forecasts extend from 2001 through 2006 for unit s ales, ASPs, and revenues. The report also classifies suppliers and their products and estimates revenues and market shares for 17 key suppliers.