Ultrafast Lasers - 2008

June 1, 2008

Report Price: $4,250.00
Number of Pages: 130
Publish Date: June 2008

Ultrafast lasers can greatly improve manufacturing, medicine, and instrumentation because of the unique effects they exploit. They have been used to make cleaner cuts in materials, for inspecting semiconductor wafers, biomedical imaging, and to explore fundamental physics, among other things. Coherent and Spectra-Physics have been long-time leaders in the field. But ultrafast lasers have been much more complex and expensive than alternatives, keeping them out of most applications. This may finally be changing, now that Trumpf and Rofin-Sinar join others to offer picosecond lasers for machine tools, IMRA and others expand sales of higher power and lower cost fiber lasers into new applications, and Raydiance offers a novel approach to financing ultrafast lasers.

Strategies Unlimited is pleased to offer this report on the ultrafast laser market. It covers all types of ultrafast lasers and applications in this exciting market. It includes forecasts of units, average prices, and revenues to 2012, and estimates of market share by key suppliers.