The Market for High-Brightness LEDs in Lighting: Application Analysis and Forecast - 2007

Jan. 1, 2007

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Number of Pages: 240
Publish Date: January 2007

Main Areas of Coverage

Overview of the structure of the lighting industry, the drivers for the growth of the lighting market, the specific drivers for the growth of LED lighting, and the challenges to the development of the LED lighting market

Analysis of 10 applications for LEDs in lighting, along with a summary of the worldwide market for 2006 in terms of applications, LED product type, and geographic distribution.

Quantitative five-year market forecast (2007-2011) for HB LEDs in terms of specific applications as well as package and material types.

Assessment of the current state of technology trends in white HB LEDs, and several economic analyses comparing present and future white LED lighting products with conventional light sources.

Description of the report:

The report addresses the market for LEDs used in illumination applications; that is, applications in which the light from an LED is used to illuminate an object or surface, rather than viewed directly to provide information (e.g. LED signs) or a signal (e.g. automobile taillights). Although backlighting of display fits this definition to some extent, it is limited to electronic appliances, and is not included in this report. At present, the range of illumination applications for which LEDs are suited, in terms of cost and performance, is limited to niche markets, although some penetration of the general market is beginning (e.g. retail display, residential lighting). However, as LED performance improves and prices continue to decline, the range of addressable lighting applications will expand to include a wide range of general illumination applications.

The report presents an analysis of the worldwide market for HB LEDs in lighting applications for the calendar year 2006 and a market forecast for 2007 through 2011, and attempts to provide some insight into the beginning of a fundamental shift in lighting technology.

Summary of Topics Covered:

Market Factors

  • How does solid-state lighting fit into the current structure of the lighting market?
  • What is driving the growth of solid-state lighting?
  • What are the positive factors for the development of the market?
  • What factors are inhibiting the market and what are the challenges that have to be addressed?

Application Analysis

  • In-depth analysis of 10 current and future applications of LED lighting.
  • ­ Channel letters/contour lighting
  • ­ Architectural lighting
  • ­ Machine vision
  • ­ Retail display
  • ­ Consumer portable
  • ­ Safety and Security
  • ­ Residential
  • ­ Entertainment
  • ­ Outdoor area
  • ­ Off-grid

Product Market Data

High-brightness LED market and forecast by material, color and package type

InGaAlP red, orange and yellow; InGaN blue and green; InGaN white

Standard, high-current and high-power packages.

Current market data and forecasts are presented in terms of units, ASP and revenue

Directory of LED Lighting Manufacturers

· The Appendix contains a directory of 288 companies, worldwide, that manufacture LED lighting products, including company name, contact information, and types of LED lighting products manufactured

How the report was done:

The report is an update of an earlier Strategies Unlimited report that addressed the emerging market for LEDs in lighting:

Solid-State Lighting: Growth Opportunities in High-Brightness LEDs (published November 2002);

For the major regions, Strategies Unlimited conducted extensive primary research by interviewing a wide variety of LED lighting product manufacturers in all of the applications listed above. Data was gathered on LED lighting product sales, and then converted into LED component value.

Examples of Key Findings:

· In 2005 the total market for high-brightness LEDs used in lighting applications was $205 million

· The largest application for LED lighting, is architectural lighting, followed by channel letter/contour lighting and consumer portable

· North America represents the largest market for LEDs used in l ighting

· In the past the growth of the LED lighting market has been driven mainly by the use of color (red, green and blue); however, over the next five years white LEDs will capture an increasing share of the market as more general illumination applications are addressed

· The total market for LEDs in lighting is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 36.9% to reach approximately $1 billion in 2011

Who the report is intended for:

Business development and marketing executives at firms manufacturing high-brightness LEDs, as well as suppliers of equipment and materials to these firms

Venture capital firms, lenders, and other investors that are involved in LEDs or advanced lighting technologies

Managers of R&D, engineering, or other technology development groups that need to know the five-year outlook for LE D lighting

Planners at firms that are developing or using competing lighting technologies

Lighting designers and architects that are interested in understanding the development status of solid-state lighting

Municipalities, utilities, and government or regulatory agencies that have an interest in the future of energy efficient lighting

Firms manufacturing the following products may benefit from this report:

(not all these products are discussed, but the data and forecasts may prove useful for assessing these products)

  • High-brightness LEDs
  • Equipment and materials used in manufacturing high-brightness LEDs
  • Drivers, optics, and thermal management materials used in LED lighting fixtures
  • Control systems for LED lighting fixtures
  • LED light engines