Asian Producers of High-Brightness LEDs (Taiwan, South Korea, China)

Feb. 1, 2004

Report Price: $3,950.00
Number of Pages: 200
Publish Date: February 2004

Asian Producers of High-Brightness LEDs (Taiwan, South Korea, China)

To address the increasing importance of the fast-growing HB-LED industry in Asia, Strategies Unlimited has prepared a comprehensive report that provides detailed information on each producer of HB-LED epitaxial wafers and chips, as well as a region and country-level analyses. The report includes:

Detailed profiles of more than 30 companies, including:

  • Epitaxial wafer and chip capacity for InGaAlP and InGaN
  • Installed base of MOCVD reactors
  • Chip and epi wafer production for 2003
  • Sales and financial data
  • Revenue history
  • Product sales by region and application
  • Company overview and history
  • Company management and investors
  • Technology and products, including new product developments

Country-level analyses, including:

  • History of the HB-LED industry
  • Current industry status
  • Installed MOCVD capacity
  • Production capacity for InGaN and InGaAlP epi wafers and chips
  • Revenues for InGaN and InGaAlP
  • Average selling prices (2003) for epi wafers and chips

Vendor market shares for:

  • MOCVD reactors
  • Substrates (GaAs and sapphire)
  • Metalorganics (e.g. trimethyl gallium, trimethyl indium)
  • Gases (e.g. NH3, PH3)

This report, prepared in conjunction with experienced compound industry executive Robert Walker, is a unique resource for understanding the role of the Asian HB-LED industry and its contribution to the worldwide market.