Gallium Nitride 2005 - Technology Status, Applications and Market Forecasts

March 1, 2005

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Number of Pages: 375
Publish Date: March 2005

GALLIUM NITRIDE has been the subject of intensive research and product development for the past twelve years. Since 2000, GaN research activities have intensified around the world. The number of companies and research centers with GaN activity has increased to over 500 organizations in early 2005 from roughly 350 such organizations identified in 2000.

Blue, green, and white LED technology has continued its large-scale commercial growth resulting in revenues exceeding $3 billion in 2004. White LEDs are responsible for over 50% of the total GaN related LED market.

Future high-growth GaN devices include high-power LEDs for lighting, deep UV emitters, and laser diodes. The latter will be used in the next generation of optical storage technology and their development will be spurred by increasing availability of GaN substrates.

Gallium Nitride 2005 - Technology Status, Applications, and Market Forecasts - is available from Strategies Unlimited for $3,950.

R&D ISSUES AND TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENTS are reviewed along with the status of the technology emphasizing major breakthroughs that have occurred. Research activities are highlighted for:

  • Deposited and bulk crystal growth/substrates
  • Thin-film deposition
  • P-type doping
  • Contacts
  • Etch
  • Packaging
  • Signs and signals
  • Automotive
  • Mobile phones
  • Lighting
  • Data storage
  • UV emitters
  • Electronics
  • Military and aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Communication systems

MARKET FORECAST of the worldwide GaN component market for 2005-2009 is presented including LEDs, laser diodes, and electronic devices.

MAJOR INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS and potential suppliers of GaN components are profiled.

UNIVERSITIES/RESEARCH CENTERS with active GaN programs are identified, including management personnel.

GOVERNMENT AGENCIES funding GaN programs are listed and described with key contacts identified.

A BIBLIOGRAPHY is presented with references to some of the most significant R&D advances in GaN materials and device technology since 2003.

To address the recent developments that have taken place in gallium nitride technology and markets, Strategies Unlimited has published the fourth edition of its report Gallium Nitride 2005 - Technology Status, Applications and Market Forecasts.

Dramatic technical developments, which are already accelerating the growth of the GaN-related industry through improved device performance and lifetime (LEO, pendeoepitaxy, bulk crystal growth, cantilever epitaxy, continuing optimization of doping control, and package development) are detailed in this report.

For companies considering investments in the gallium nitride arena, this report provides descriptions of major technical achievements reported since 2003, an applications and market assessment of the present and future (through 2009), and an extensive directory of major players, including companies, universities, research centers, and individual contributors.

Gallium Nitride 2005 - Technology Status, Applications, and Market Forecasts presents a detailed review of:

  • New technology developments (with emphasis on those taking place since 2003)
  • Present high-profile R&D activities
  • Industrial supplier profiles
  • Government activities and support
  • Major and emerging applications
  • Market forecasts by application and device type through 2009