Wide Bandgap Electronics: Technology Trends and Market Forecasts - 2008

Feb. 1, 2008

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Publish Date: February 2008

Gallium nitride-based electronic devices are finally commercial, years after the success of GaN-based LEDs and lasers. Electronic devices based on GaN is the superior technology for many applications in high-power RF, high-voltage and high-power electronics, and high-temperature environments. But, without a volume application to drive down the manufacturing cost, the price remains high. That may now change, as GaN device suppliers eye WiMAX base station power amplifiers and other applications as volume markets drive lower costs.

Strategies Unlimited is pleased to offer this update of the GaN electronics market, with special emphasis this year on application trends and pricing. We offer a model for projecting future prices, along with three possible scenarios. One scenario assumes that breakthroughs in epitaxy quality lead to one pricing path and some volume applications. Another assumes a more moderate pricing path, with some selective successes. A third assumes that pricing will continue more or less as the status quo, with only moderate growth but lucrative niche products.