June 6, 2014
LEDs Magazine, part of PennWell Corporation's LEDs and Lighting Group, has announced that it will conduct the inaugural LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards program in 2014.

Nashua, NH / June 6, 2014 — LEDs Magazine, part of PennWell Corporation's LEDs and Lighting Group, has announced that it will conduct the inaugural LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards program in 2014. The program will culminate with the magazine recognizing the industry's most innovative products at an awards ceremony held in Las Vegas, NV in conjunction with the Strategies in Light conference that is scheduled for Feb. 24-26, 2015. In addition, the Sapphire Awards program will recognize an Innovator of the Year, a person or team that is responsible for an especially noteworthy development in the LED-centric technology sector.

The LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards will kick off later this summer, when the magazine will open nominations for both product submissions and for the innovator award. The products nominated will include: LEDs, LED-based light engines, drivers, driver ICs, LED-complementary technologies (optics, thermal, interconnect), test equipment and tools, and solid-state lighting (SSL) products. The exact categories and nomination procedure will be fully detailed by mid-summer so that LED technology developers can prepare to participate.

The Sapphire Awards program will rely on independent judges chosen from industry and consultancy roles to ensure that all entries are fairly evaluated by multiple experts. The judges assigned to evaluate any given product category or innovator entry will be screened to ensure that there is no possible conflict of interest in the process.

The LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards will be the first program in the SSL industry to focus on the LED-based market from an enabling-technology and elegance-of-design perspective. There are a number of awards programs that focus exclusively on lamps and luminaires, but the LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards will recognize the true wizards behind the LED revolution.

"The true technology stars often go unrecognized in our society," said LEDs Magazine editor Maury Wright. "We will seek to identify the true innovations and innovators that are driving the LED industry forward on an annual basis."

LEDs Magazine and PennWell's LEDs and Lighting group is uniquely positioned to bring a program such as the Sapphire Awards to the LED industry. "We have the leading publications, trade shows, and research organization in the world of LEDs," said Christine Shaw, publisher of LEDs Magazine and senior vice president/group publisher at PennWell. "We take great responsibility in helping the LED industry to move forward and in particularly the LED-based general lighting market to grow, and the LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards will provide the LED technology sector with a highly-visible stage for our stars."

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