LED Driver IC: Market Review and Forecast--2011

June 24, 2011

Report price: $3,950
Number of pages: 300
Publish date: June 2011

LED driver electronics enable efficient and reliable performance of LEDs. As the overall electrical circuit and a large part of the overall design, the driver is more important than the LEDs alone, but it is surprisingly complex and the market is highly fragmented across countless applications. The market for a key component of LED drivers, the driver ICs, is sizeable at $2 billion in 2010, buoyed by strong growth in LED backlights in mobile phones, TVs, and monitors. Innovations promise to help meet aggressive price and performance targets necessary to expand further the market for LED lighting, particularly in replacement bulbs. These innovations open opportunities for both new and established companies.

This new report from Strategies Unlimited takes a fresh look at the LED driver and driver IC market, with over 300 pages of detail on technology and application trends. It is a complete revision of an earlier report, with perspectives on the LED applications, driver technology, requirements on the drivers and driver ICs, and findings on suppliers and market shares. It provides unit, price, and revenue forecasts to 2015 for all of the LED driver segments, and findings on suppliers and market shares. The forecast builds on Strategies Unlimited’s other reports on LEDs, LED lighting, and LED replacement bulbs.