Nichia and AgiLight sign licensing agreement

April 30, 2009
AgiLight, a supplier of LED modules for signs and architectural applications, will use white LEDs from Nichia.
Japan-based LED maker Nichia has signed a licensing agreement with AgiLight, a wholly owned subsidiary of General LED.

The agreement allows AgiLight to utilize Nichia's white LEDs for its ThinRayz and ThinRayz Extra product lines.

General LED/AgiLight has chosen Nichia as its preferred supplier for a range of new white LED products currently under development. This, says Nichia’s press release, is as a result of evaluating Nichia’s world-class white LED products, coupled with Nichia's strong patent portfolio and clear leadership in the LED industry.

General LED is a holding company dedicated to the advancement of LED-based technologies and the development of innovative LED products.