LIF seminar looks at realistic LED performance

Oct. 27, 2009
The Lighting Industry Federation is presenting a seminar in London, UK to discuss realistic performance capabilities of LED technology.
The Lighting Industry Federation (LIF), the UK’s trade association for the lighting industry, is hosting a seminar entitled “LED Lighting Solutions and Applications Today” on November 17, 2009 in Westminster, London.

LIF says that the aim of the seminar is to provide realistic information on: technology and trends; performance capabilities; regulations and standards; and also to present examples of current successful applications.

The seminar will have a unique format, comprising four one-hour seminars (see below), each followed by one-hour informal sessions for networking and discussions with speakers and table-top exhibitors.

Session 1: Scene-setting

  • Designers view on lighting with LEDs. Guest speaker from Lighting design community
  • General commercial background – Regulations and Standardisation; Government support initiatives.
  • General technical background – including definitions of UEL, technology trends
  • Session open forum Q&A

Session 2: How LEDs work, including key performance parameters

  • LED production and basic principles e.g. binning
  • Realistic performance expectations
  • Reliability data

Session 3: Basic design of LED luminaires

  • Optical design
  • Thermal design
  • Driver design

Session 4: Live applications (indoor and outdoor)

  • Retail lighting
  • Decorative and display lighting
  • Road lighting
  • Emergency lighting
Informal sessions: These will provide opportunities for delegates to:
  • Network informally
  • Follow-up discussions with speakers via a surgery option
  • View and discuss with exhibitors, products and services

The Lighting Industry Federation (LIF) is the trade association for the UK lighting industry. LIF’s primary purpose is to promote and develop the UK lighting market for the long-term benefit of its members and all other stakeholders. It offers professional advice in all areas of lighting and a wide range of training programs and services.