Best LED Video 2009 Competition

Dec. 7, 2009
LEDs Magazine announces a competition to find the best LED-related video of the year.
LEDs Magazine has launched a competition to find the best LED-related video clip of 2009. We’re looking for the most spectacular LED applications, as well as suggestions for the best instructional and marketing efforts.

Clips should have been created during 2009, and should relate to LEDs or lighting. Other than that, there are no restrictions (except perhaps good taste).

You can submit a link to a video on your own website, on YouTube or any publicly-accessible website.

Alternatively, video clips can be sent to LEDs Magazine to be posted in the Video section of our website. Please ask for details.

Send your suggestions by Thursday December 31 to [email protected].

Here’s an entry from March of this year (this is a tongue-in-cheek example, but the competition is not limited to comedy entries).