Four new projectors make use of Luminus LEDs

June 19, 2009
Pocket, data and high-performance professional projectors are being demonstrated at InfoComm 2009 in Orlando, Florida, this week.
US-based LED manufacturer Luminus Devices has revealed that its devices are being used by a number of projector manufacturers, including BenQ, LG Electronics and Coretronics. BenQ mini projector
BenQ’s new Joybee mini projector, powered by the PT-39 PhlatLight LED chipset from Luminus, is designed for on-the-go professionals, gamers and other mobile system enthusiasts. The chipset is designed specifically for projection systems that use micro-displays ranging from 0.4- to 0.55-inch, and comprises individual red, green and blue LEDs. The Joybee is priced at under $499.

LG pocket projector
Also built using Luminus LEDs, the LG HS-200G pocket projector from LG Electronics weighs less than two pounds and fits in the palm of a hand. “The HS-200G is the next advancement in LG’s effort to offer consumers superior picture quality for projecting presentations, games or movies anywhere,” said Brian Park, Marketing Group Leader, LG Electronics.

Luminus and LG previously announced an agreement through which PhlatLight LEDs power the HS-102 pocket projector.

Coretronic data projector
Coretronic, Texas Instruments and Luminus demonstrated a new DLP-based data projector with an LED light source, which was described as the first of its kind to offer light output suitable for the classroom and boardroom.

“Coretronic leads the world market for DLP data projectors and now we are leading the market again through innovation with LED-based projectors,” said Shen Wang, President of Coretronic. “Powerful, affordable, long-life projectors will set the new performance standard. We are proud to be the first company to show such a system that provides the very high output business users require.”

PT-120 PhlatLight LED for projectiondesignHigh-performance projectors from projectiondesign® Luminus LEDs are also illuminating the latest high-performance projector system designs from projectiondesign. Headquartered in Fredrikstad, Norway, projectiondesign specializes in advanced, high performance DLP-based projection solutions for challenging applications in professional, business, home cinema and eCinema markets.

The company showcased its FL32 projector series, which provide superior image quality and performance for the most demanding scientific visualization and simulation applications.