Vu1 demonstrates ESL lighting technology

Sept. 25, 2009
A documentary gives a (somewhat one-sided) demonstration of Vu1’s Electron Stimulated Luminescence (ESL) lighting technology.
Vu1 Corporation has posted a documentary which for the first time publicly demonstrates the company’s Electron Stimulated Luminescence™ (ESL™) lighting technology. The eight minute video features a demonstration of ESL, side-by-side feature comparison with CFLs and LEDs, and interviews with lighting and energy industry experts.

LEDs Magazine wrote about Vu1 and ESL technology in our Jan/Feb 2009 issue in an article entitled Novel lighting technologies offer a future alternative to LEDs.

Vu1 is continuing development of its “revolutionary” ESL technology in order to bring consumers a highly energy-efficient light bulb, says the company, adding that ESL lamps come “without the environmental hazards of mercury, limited features, price concerns and poor light quality associated with other lighting sources such as CFLs or LEDs.”

“As we move our technology from the lab into testing and pilot production, we felt it was important to visually display the unique attributes of ESL and the progress we have made, as well as let the world know there is a lighting solution coming that performs similarly to the incandescent light bulb we are all familiar with,” said Gale Sellers, Vu1's CEO.

“This video is our first opportunity to show people the benefits of our breakthrough technology that is generating widespread interest and enthusiasm from scientists, industry experts, utility companies, and lighting product distributors.”

Throughout the development process, Vu1 has continued to make progress on increasing the performance of ESL technology. Through improvements in proprietary phosphors the company has achieved a 20 percent improvement in photometric efficacy over recent months. Additionally at its facility in the Czech Republic, the company has demonstrated ESL working in the most commonly found A-Type residential bulb shape. Based on these recent breakthroughs and the company’s desire to incorporate them into their first consumer product (the R-30 reflector bulb), assuming adequate funding, Vu1 is now targeting product availability by mid 2010.

ESL will offer the full features of incandescent lights, such as the high light quality and color demanded by consumers, instant on, true dimmability, all in an attractive bulb design but without the use of dangerous mercury -- a toxic chemical proven harmful to the environment, which is present in today’s current energy efficient option, CFLs.