Lynk Labs demonstrates warm-on-dim AC-LED technology

Feb. 29, 2012
At Strategies in Light earlier this month, Lynk Labs demonstrated incandescent-like AC-LED technology that reduces CCT with standard dimmers and AC voltage sources.
Lynk Labs Inc., a leading developer of AC-LED technology, has demonstrated a newly-patented AC-LED circuit and drive scheme which it describes as “Warm-on-dim.” This will allow the company to provide AC-LED light engines and COB (chip-on-board) packages which, when dimmed with standard dimmers, provide a similar quality of light to incandescent lamps. Like incandescents, the CCT decreases when the light intensity is dimmed.

“The new warm-on-dim technology is the combination of new drive methods and AC-LED circuit topologies developed by Lynk to fill a growing need in the market,” said Bob Kottritsch, vice president EMEA at Lynk Labs.

The new technology utilizes a simple, new AC-LED drive scheme and LED circuit structure that requires limited components. The technology demonstrated at Strategies in Light (SIL) was at the assembly level, and will next be implemented into COBs, according to Lynk.

“The technology demonstrated at SIL worked on direct mains voltage and dimmed with standard dimmers from 4500K down to about 2000K,” said Kottritsch.

“Assembly-level implementations will be available under our SnapBrite product line in early Q2 with plans to have COB-level Tesla AC-LED packages by late Q2.”