Fish and chip restaurant showcases menu in new LED sign

May 7, 2008
A fish and chip take-out in London has hung an LED sign of its menu to attract customers and display their food selections brightly in an easy-to-read format.
Brothers Tom and Robert Aiken have enlisted a manufacturer of LED signage, Polycomp, to develop an LED sign where the varied fish menu at Tom's Place could be brightly and easily displayed.
LED menu sign Tom’s Place in London consists of a fish-and-chip takeaway on the ground floor and a dozen or so tables upstairs. The brothers have tried to use as many environmentally-friendly features as possible, including biodegradable boxes and cutlery made from corn starch, so the LED sign was a fit for them.

Tom Aiken says the sign is "a very clear and precise message...and on an environmental level, it uses less power. Everyone has loved the sign as it really stands out from the black of the restaurant so we are very happy with it. The number of people who have commented has been huge."

Polycomp has many years of experience with LED displays and says they are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and are also capable of being twice as bright while offering an amazing palette of colours.

Jeremy Harwood, MD of Polycomp, says “I’m proud to be able to say that our displays save energy and are at the forefront of the LED technology. We were delighted to provide Tom’s Place with such a fantastic sign for his new eco-friendly restaurant — the ethical slant seems to be where everyone is heading.”

Polycomp Electronic Display Systems has been a supplier to some major companies around the world. Recently, they installed the countdown clock at St Pancras' main line station to show the time remaining until Eurostar commences, as well as the digital display on top of BBC TV Centre which shows breaking news stories and general information.