Barco launches the world's first "green" digital billboard

April 2, 2008
The DB-x20 is environmentally friendly with long-life components that reduce power consumption.
LED display maker Barco has launched its new DB-x20, which it describes as "the world's first 'green' digital billboard". Designed for digital outdoor advertising networks, the DB-x20 range features green components, low power consumption, superior visual performance, and maximum ROI.
Barco's billboard "We started this project with the intent to create not only a superior digital billboard, but a fully redundant, total solution that works in all outdoor conditions, without causing any harm to the surrounding environment,” says Paul Ryckaert, VP of Barco’s media business.

Barco’s digital billboard is environmentally friendly in several ways:

  • An ambient environment controller (AEC-4000) automatically adjusts screen brightness to match day or night conditions, and a tilted LED configuration reduces skyward light pollution by 26%.
  • The product components of the RoHS-compliant digital billboard contain no lead, mercury, cadmium, Cr6, PBB or PBDE.
  • The DB-x20 achieves low power consumption through the efficient use of long-life components that produce less heat and require no heating, ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC).
  • Added power factor correction (PFC) reduces impact on power networks, conserving energy.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) ensures that DB-x20 operates in a self-contained field, unaffected by electrical devices and causing no harm to other devices like cell phones or medical equipment.
“Its 7,600 NIT brightness delivers maximum light levels during noonday sun and guarantees the screen stays brighter throughout its 100,000-hour lifetime. Smart shaders deliver an unequalled contrast ratio of 4,000:1, and Barco’s unique 16-bit color processing delivers 281 trillion colors for superior grayscales and striking visual detail,” said Ryckaert.

The DB-x20 comes with a redundant power supply system that delivers continuous power to all tiles even in the event of a failed power supply. Where other billboards deliver only a black tile, DB-x20 immediately re-routes backup power, allowing continuous delivery of key information (logos, phone numbers, etc.), ensuring continuous content and eliminating the need to dispatch a technician during overtime hours.

Remote monitoring software (RMS-1) collects all key performance data of the DB-x20 in the control center for comprehensive management of the digital billboard. Diagnostic information includes power, brightness, temperature, run time, errors, failed LEDs and more.