Efficiency Vermont decides not to use EPA Energy Star spec

June 18, 2008
An energy efficiency organization has said that it will not use the proposed Energy Star criteria from EPA relating to LED lighting.
Efficiency Vermont, a public-service energy-efficiency organization covering the northeastern USA state of Vermont, has issued a statement to say that it does not plan to use the proposed EPA Energy Star specifications relating to solid-state lighting.

This is one of the first public expressions against the EPA Energy Star criteria announced on June 2 (see Energy Star Wars and the battle to label LED fixtures).

The policy statement from Efficiency Vermont concerning what they describe as the "DOE/EPA SSL controversy" reads as follows:

"As new solid-state lighting products come into the market, Efficiency Vermont is looking to use a comprehensive and rigorous specification that will maximize product quality and consumer satisfaction.

With these objectives, Efficiency Vermont does not plan to use the currently proposed RLF 4.2 SSL specification developed by the EPA." The organization also stated that "this is our current policy statement, and as things develop or better solutions are offered, Efficiency Vermont may revisit this policy."

Efficiency Vermont describes itself as the USA's "first statewide provider of energy efficiency services" and is operated by an independent, non-profit organization under contract to the Vermont Public Service Board.

Efficiency Vermont provides technical assistance and financial incentives to Vermont households and businesses, to help them reduce their energy costs with energy-efficient equipment and lighting and with energy-efficient approaches to construction and renovation.